To support our quality and customer satisfaction, we make sure that either block color or full separation color job has met its accuracy and consistency in every single part of its design to achieve the highest standard of quality.

In accordance with the new global environment changes, we are also entering new level of digital printing technology which can produce many high quality products such as; billboard, front & back lite, sign board, sunblind, vynil sticker, one way vision, vehicle graphics, banner, etc.

Using latest REVO SCITEX XP-5500 machines, which are super high speed machines & UV In Technology, we are able to produce as fast as 325m2 per hour using chosen high quality materials such as:

Vynil Material :

  • OBEIKAN (Jerman)
  • KINTEX (Korea)
  • SDS ECOFLEX (China)
  • STARFLEX (Korea)

Sticker Material:


with the variety thickness materials from 8 oz, 11 oz, 13 oz, 15 oz, 18 oz & printed using UV INK materials made in Japan the products (both indoor & outdoor) can be displayed up to 2 years durability.

Transforming from creative idea into high quality & charming products is our aim to satisfy customer's requirement using best high technology machines and using the best high quality materials. We are always put our best dedication to fulfill customer's needs & expectation by providing:

  • Reliable & professional service
  • On time delivery
  • High quality products
  • Competitive price
  • Professional & highly trained staff
  • Being trusted by many national & international companies to produce their promotional items & materials is our most valuable things to have & we always try to do our utmost to regard this trust by delivering the best products ever.