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  • Sun Blind
  • Baliho
  • Banner
  • Front & Back Lite
  • One Way Vision
  • Ninyl Sticker
  • Indoor & Outdoor Sign
  • Vehicle Graphics

Welcome to Pelangi Mas Weisesa

Pelangi Mas Weisesa, the pioneer in screen printing and digital printing industry has become the trendsetter in the similar industry for producing good, reliable and high quality screen printing products such as sunblind, vertical and horizontal banners, giant banners, apron and any kind of cloth-based material screen printing.

Adapting the latest screen printing technology, all of our production line are using water based system which guarantee the durability, longevity, anti-contaminated and smell-free which is safe for crucial products such as cosmetics, medicines, perfumes, food and any other consumable products.

We are always having in mind prioritize customers satisfaction, therefore we do our outmost to ensure the accuracy, sharpness, toughness and speed control to guarantee our product's result are in order.

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